20 January 2015

exchange #4 settling in

Here are a few things you need to know if you're moving to Lund soon.

1. Jojo Card
It's a travel card where you can load money on and use it to catch the buses and trains. Make sure you get a student one if you're a student.

2. Sim card
I'm using Telia. It's okay. I've heard there's a better one with more data, which is really what I need...

3. Bike
Get a bike and save on travel money, cause it ain't cheap on a student budget.

4. Food
Meat is expensive! Shoot. I'll have to cut down on that. There are a few grocery stores in the neighbourhood. I've only been to ICA & COOP Konsum... Not sure which one is cheaper yet. The ICA near Lund C station is expensive so avoid that one if you can.

So I'm still figuring out how to cook for one and make the most of my meals. At the moment I've been buying frozen veggies and frozen fish, and only a tiny bit of meat. Rice and Pasta have been my meals for the last few days. When you're hungry, everything tastes good!!

Have a look at the lovely town below :)

Town Cathedral

Lund Central station

lovely cobble-stone streets

exchange #3 lund, the beginning

Everyone says exchange is incredibly fun- which I have no doubt it will be. Nobody really said anything about how staying alive on your own in a completely new country is also incredibly terrifying!

It has been a hectic 3 days. Arrived in Copenhagen airport on the morning of the 11th and caught the train to Lund. The good thing about arriving on the set arrival day was the many student mentors from Lund University who were extremely helpful and helped the new students to their varying accommodations. Arrive on arrival day!

My home for now, Ostra Torn (pronounced Oooostra toorn) is so damn eerie because of the large space of the student housing block in a country setting and the few students that currently occupy it. I think many students have yet to move in (I sure hope so because at the moment it's kinda scary. It's almost always dark here so that makes it worse). The apartment itself is very nice, complete with a kitchen and bathroom. If you're reading this and deciding whether or not to apply for Ostra Torn through LU Accommodation, I would recommend you think about whether you prefer a nice living space or location. I didn't apply for Ostra Torn but was put here anyway- still can't decide whether I like it or not... will let you know at the end of it all.

Behold, there is is! My very own studio flat with a bathroom and kitchen. Super spacy and comfy.

12 January 2015

exchange #2 I feel like frodo

I feel like Frodo Baggins on the fiery steps of Mount doom, crawling on for dear life. Okay maybe that's a bit dramatic. But I am exhausted. It's been exactly 12 hours since I left Sydney and embarked on this quest they call exchange.

Currently at Guangzhou airport waiting for my connecting flight to Amsterdam. Let me tell you now it's not a pleasant stopover airport at all! There's no free wifi (unless you have a Chinese phone) which is the silliest thing ever since most of the people are international peoples! Also, not many restaurants in the international transfer area, unpleasant toilets and is a verrrry boring place to wait for 6 hours. 

I'm being a bit of a baby about this whole going away thing. I guess that's why I'm doing it though, travelling alone sure does test your independence. 

P.s I miss ember, my silly toothbrush eater

10 January 2015

exchange #1 oh the places you'll go...

I am going on an adventure!

Tomorrow I will begin my 6 month exchange studies at Lund University, Sweden with a 34 hour flight. I don't know if you've ever been away from home before, I can tell you that I haven't and I'm experiencing a gazillion different emotions at the same time. I've been told this is normal. 

One last look at the beautiful home I call Sydney... 

Goodbye warm and sparkly Aussie summer, and hello Swedish winter!