06 June 2015

exchange- the end

I have not been keeping up to date with these posts at all. It's unbelievable how fast the last 5 months have gone by. 

Last 4 days in Lund. It's been incredibly surreal, I feel a little bit like this has been a really long dream or something... so strange! 

Anyway just a re-cap...

My housing area is Ostra Torn and I love it! At the beginning I didn't, because it was not within walking distance of the central station. It also gets quite dark around this area in winter when the sun sets at 4pm. As soon as I got a bike (which you should definitely do if you're living in Lund), I had no problem with transport. Speaking of bikes, the facebook group 'Buy/Sell Lund' is a great place to find one. I wouldn't recommend bike shops because they generally have a lot of bad quality bikes and the good ones they sell for a lot. 

Groceries are the cheapest at Lidl, Willys or Netto. I prefer Willys because they have a greater variety of stuff and it's one of the cheapest places to get things in Lund. I avoid getting things from the ICA in the town centre because it's a tad more expensive. It's not all bad though, keep an eye out for sale items because some of them are pretty good! 

Student nation... I joined a student nation, I think it's something you should do if you're on exchange/erasmus here. It's around 200kr for the semester and you get all sorts of discounts around town. The nations also run events every so often. Every week they have a dinner at some of the nations and you can get pretty cheap food from there (45kr). 

Lund is a quaint little town and it's generally pretty safe here. Excellent bike/pedestrian lanes and pathways and the whole town is so beautiful in springtime! Sad to be leaving but also super glad I chose Lund University.