21 September 2013

Spring, again.

Mandarin tree

Not sure what this is. It's not lime, or lemon.




My little plants

Hola! After watching Jamie Oliver's adventures,

I have decided to grow my own herb and whatever-is-edible garden. Bought the seedlings from flower power and re-potted them into bigger pots. It costed me around $80 including a bag of fertilised soil- I've reassured myself it's an investment so it's okay...

I have to tell you something though,

 I am a terrible, terrible plant keeper-aliverer. BUT, I am more determined than ever to keep these little seedlings growing! I dunno- maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the expensive herb prices or maybe I'm just bored, but I am soo excited to start gardening!

I will keep you posted on how they're doing, fingers toes and eyes crossed that they'll survive. :)