08 March 2015

exchange #6 Norway

Sometimes I still can't process the fact that I'm in Europe, living in Sweden. How on earth?! A year ago I was only beginning to think about going on exchange, thankfully I toughed out the long application process otherwise I'd be missing out on all of this wonderful Swedishness.

It's March 7th, and the days are already getting much longer and warmer. When I first arrived in January the sun didn't rise till 830am and sunset was at 4pm, now it gets bright nice at early at 7 and doesn't get dark till 6pm.

The last few weeks my class went on a little study trip to Norway, to visit the town of Moss in the Ostfold region. It was such a lovely trip, the buildings are so sweet and quaint. Too bad it was super quiet during the winter, we saw very little people around.