17 January 2012

China #41-45: au revoir, sayoonara, zai jian!

I'm really no good at goodbyes.

Airports are filled with so many emotions- happiness, excitement, longing, disappointment, sadness... I like to look at people and imagine why they're there and where they're going (in a non-stalkerish way!) Im sure many of you understand the feeling of parting with loved ones at the airport, how incredibly difficult it can be, especially if you don't know how long it will be before you can see them again. I guess there's not much you can do in these situations, except be thankful for the time you had together and look forward to the next time you meet.

Spending 45days in china has made it feel like home. Im going to miss crossing the road like a crazy person, the general impoliteness and terrible customer service and even the constant passive smoking... X) (however smoking is bad so don't smoke!) haha. But most of all I'm going to miss my granny and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins! :(

However, here's a rough overview of my trip:

30/11/2011 Excited and eating aeroplane food!
Adventures in Beijing begin!

breakfast buffet
Finding Shantelle in my hotel in Beijing!

first snow day :)

On my way to see my family :D

Fixing my bike with my grandad :) 
Revolving buffet :D 
Baking eggtarts!

dinner that tried to run away
Enjoying the view :)
Visiting a Kindergarten

Day trip to the mountains
Coming back home :(
Clouds :)

p.s haven't read a post from you in a while vanessa!!! 

12 January 2012

China #30-40: Happiness


the quality or state of being happy.
good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

Being happy means something different to each one of us. 

For me... happiness is family. It's realising how lucky and fortunate I am to have such a wonderful family, spending the last 5 weeks with them has made it hard for me to go back to Sydney! I wish I could shrink them all and bring them back with me, especially my grandparents. x)

My other happiness is food and TV! I thoroughly enjoy sitting like a blob infront of the TV with a table full of junk food keeping me company. I spent the most part of last week watching taiwanese series and immersing myself in make-believe fairytales starring non-existent, perfect characters who are extremely droolworthy!! This habit is not a good one. But I'm not changing it just yet...

All that aside, I think I've had an epiphany! Lol. I have realised, in my days of deep thinking (not), that happiness is not hard to find. It's ironic to think that we were happiest as kids because that's when we had the least to lose... It's the little things in life that get to us, but often it's the little things that we shouldn't be worrying about. We all know it's easy to tell somebody else to smile and walk with their chin up, but when it's your own problem cheering up seems so much harder. :( 

I've realised that when things get tough, its time to take a step back (and a deeep breath) and a good look at the bigger picture, what's really important to you and what are the things that make you happy? Count your many blessings and be thankful for what you have. People should all smile more (especially in china), lol. 

They say good things happen to people who smileeee. :) :) :)  

Here's what I've been up to lately;

02 January 2012

China #19 - 31: To Xiamen and back again

Dear blog, sorry I haven't updated you in almost 2 weeks, I've been busy being lazy and waiting for something exciting to happen so I could blog about it, but nothing exciting's been happening so I'm going to blog about my non-exciting daily life x)

So in the last 2 weeks, I've been to Xiamen and done some shopping- mainly for butter and cheese and baking ingredients... I was so excited to see butter and cheese cause I really wanted to bake stuff and there weren't any ingredients in my hometown. Anyway, I quite liked it there. It was almost like an asian version of Sydney, like a more asian version of Sydney. We went to this cafe for lunch one day, it looked really nice from the outside, kinda like the cafes you see in taiwanese series, kinda like the one below but nicer. (I didn't take a photo cause I didn't feel like it at the time)

(random picture from goo0o0ogle)

I was expecting really nice food, really nice NON ASIAN FOOD, but I was sorely disappointed when I looked through the menu and they only had all these weird asian dishes. I turned to the 'Coffees' section, hoping to try their coffees, but all I found under the Coffee menu was more asian dishes. x( I felt mislead and confused!
On the bus back from Xiamen, the line is a really long bridge hehe.

Moving onnnnn.....since I have so much spare time at the moment I decided to pick up another hobby, drawing with pastels! It was such an awkward experience when I went to buy this packet of oil pastels at the local stationery shop. The shop owners had a baby sitting in the corner of the shop, it was bald and it kept making these funny hiccuping noises.Anyway so as I was about to pay, I felt as though I should say something to break the ice cause it was so awkward having a lady follow me around and glare at me as I touched all her pens, so I told them that their son was cute! Then there was an awkward moment where the father looked up at me and said, 'It's a girl....'  Then the shop lady asked me how old I was, I said I was 3rd year uni. She then looked at my colouring stuff and papers and asked if I was buying a gift for somebody, I said these were for myself... and then replied with an awkward 'oh...'.

Testing out my oil pastels- Portrait of my grandpa <3

Addicted to these lollies

I felt like Christmas and New Year came and went so quickly ... I remember how I used to get so excited when it was Christmas! I guess that's one of the downsides of growing up, things seem less exciting. : ( I spent my Christmas in Xiamen, making pizza for my cousins! I spent New Years day back in my hometown baking eggtarts lol! 

Yayyyyyyyy Pretty Eggtart flower!

Oh I forgot to mention that I spent NYE visiting my aunt's kindergarten (she's a teacher there). IT'S A FREAKING HUGEEE KINDY! For kids up to 6 or 7... it's so nice there. So much wasted dead space though, they have all these hugeee unused spaces for little kids to run around in lol. If I was a kid there I would never want to leave.

Their playground
I went to play on the playground and some cheeky little boy comes up to me and goes, 'This playground is for  children, not for adults. hmph.'

They even have little pretty flower thingies at the bottom of the columns!

This is the entrance foyer

View from the Roof 

Play stations!!!

Their classrooms- they have beds in their classes :'( For naptime :) 

Another play station

Fish tank! My aunt told me these fishes dont get fed much so they won't grow, lol T_T

Another play station!

Argh little kids have it so good. Lol. Anyway that about sums up my last 2 weeks.


Oh and I want to leave you with this song, it's so bittersweet but very lovely.