20 January 2015

exchange #4 settling in

Here are a few things you need to know if you're moving to Lund soon.

1. Jojo Card
It's a travel card where you can load money on and use it to catch the buses and trains. Make sure you get a student one if you're a student.

2. Sim card
I'm using Telia. It's okay. I've heard there's a better one with more data, which is really what I need...

3. Bike
Get a bike and save on travel money, cause it ain't cheap on a student budget.

4. Food
Meat is expensive! Shoot. I'll have to cut down on that. There are a few grocery stores in the neighbourhood. I've only been to ICA & COOP Konsum... Not sure which one is cheaper yet. The ICA near Lund C station is expensive so avoid that one if you can.

So I'm still figuring out how to cook for one and make the most of my meals. At the moment I've been buying frozen veggies and frozen fish, and only a tiny bit of meat. Rice and Pasta have been my meals for the last few days. When you're hungry, everything tastes good!!

Have a look at the lovely town below :)

Town Cathedral

Lund Central station

lovely cobble-stone streets

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